Old Witch​/​Keeper Split

by Old Witch

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released July 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Old Witch

Stooping in a rotting throne of dead oak, casting black thoughts to the stars, burning cold over the glacial wilderness, she reaches withered hands to the cold, eternal night, vast above the deep winter forest. We have spilled our lives an offering to old gods, this brooding vast land. Come, the funeralboats unfurl cruel sails to the north wind, seeking haven beyond the pillars of death.... ... more

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Track Name: The Vague Fears that Bother my Waking Life regarding the Inevitability of Death and what May or May Not Lie Beyond
grey rain falls and freezes

a plague of memory
falls upon the dead earth

and black depths of time
streatch endless
unsommened eons
call to me

under a lifeless sun
the woods, a sleeping power
lingers under frozen earth

a power, asleep but not dead
listens for footsteps in the snow
feed me with thy eternal essence

though i slumber i shall wake
though my weakness trembles
at the breath of thy black soul
like the burn sacrifice of love's sacred longing

i shall become as thee
immortal, pure, ruthless, divine
in abscentia luci, tenebrae vinicunt
in darkness, so shall i shine
i shall not sleep in unrememberance
death where is thy sting
I summon THEE
this brief sorrow
this dull pain
death is not the end
Track Name: Broken Soil on an Early Grave
soft moonlight falls on the cemerery clay
pale flowers wilt on the stone
perfumes the night as lonely spirits pass
on these uncertain paths of the dead
black hallowed soil, the womb of our birth
dust to which all love returns
I taste the sweet soil I've toiled to break,
my flesh a sad feast for the worms

sayest thou
when darkness falls
that this light
never was?
eons pass
sleep take my hand
black depths of time
this unkno wn land

listen to the whisper of the winds
a sad tale told unnumbered times

pale ghostly flowers
a faint spectral gleam
a fragrence of sweetest decay
perfume the night as I wander along
these uncertain paths like a wraith

sounds of weeping carry on the breeze
under a funeral sky
we commit thy seed

night creatures howl and mourn
I lay beside thee in the thorns
Track Name: A Gathering of Strangers who Knew the Deceased bu Not Too Well
a dim broken ghost
in the still
before my eyes

her beauty
far outshone
the sun
and withered all the flowers
she touched

the ground hardened
turned to ice
rather than accept
her still warm form

she lay out on the glade
her lovers wept
a hymn of bitter promise
to follow when they may

this gathering of strangers
this crowd of unfamiliar ones
she wouldn't have known
half of you
Track Name: Gallows (*a Cocorosie cover)
it was just before the moon hung
her weary heavy head in
the gallows and the graves of
the milky, milky cradle
his tears have turned to poppies
a shimmer in the midnight
a flower in the twilight
a flower in the twilight
and our scream is in his screaming
our screaming in the willow tree

they took him to the gallows
he fought them all the way
and when they asked us how we knew his name
we died just before him
our eyes are in the flowers
our hands are in the branches
our voices in the breezes
and our scream is in his screaming
our screaming in the willow tree

we're waiting by the willow
our milky, milky cradle
our lockets long have rusted
his picture worn and weathered
our hair is in the garden
our voices in our toses
our hearts are in the blossoms
our eyes are in the branches
and our screaming is in his screaming
our screaming in the willow tree